Tyrant Velhari

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Tyrant Velhari

Post by Phaeton » 07 Sep 2015, 15:11

The last boss to deal with in the upper section of hellfire citadel for us was the anti-paladin extraordinaire Tyrant Velhari. As opposed to the other bosses this fight doesn't have that many mechanics. There is some positional stuff, one debuff, only 3 adds and a floaty purple hammer. The lack of a truckload of mechanics to counter doesn't mean Velhari is easy actually as its the tuning of the fight that made us do it last in the first place. This fight nestles itself into the gearcheck category as both healing and especially dps numbers need to be at a decent level in order to beat the encounter. Once everyone managed to properly track font of corruption on them we started making headway. As a sidenote tanking this fight is a right nightmare, the damage is scary but the positioning of mobs is just horrendous as they just move so excessively while trying to position them. Once we reached phase 3 it was just a matter of time where people started dropping from the excessive damage but damage dealt was also reaching astronomical levels and with that we managed to down her with even one tank alive.


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