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Post by Phaeton » 07 Sep 2015, 15:21

Taking another portal ride from our crow shifting mage friend Khadgar we wound up on the roof of hellfire citadel and had to face off......Mannoroth?....wasn't he dead?
Those pesky demons never die unless you kill them in the twisting nether itself, blame afrasiabi for that. We had plenty of practice on Mannoroth on normal and mechanically speaking the fight is the same on heroic. The only real worry was handling the gaze correctly. 3 people get feared for a short time where they run uncontrollably. Once the fear effect expires they blow up for fatal damage. The mechanic requires non feared players to run along with a feared one as the explosion is shared with anyone within X yards. You basically want the least amount of people to share in the fear mechanic we tried 2 per feared player on our raid size. The twist to this mechanic is in the last phase, phase 4, yes this is a long fight. In the last phase the explosion also creates a permanent voidzone (white) and its size is determined by the amount of people that shared in the explosion damage which if handled badly means half the room is covered in a void zone. I'm sure the lich king is kind of jealous because at the heart it is very reminiscent of defile one of the top contenders of $#@$#!$ mechanics of WotLK. Mannoroth proved to be better of dead as on our first pull we put him down like a flea infested rabid dog. This leaves us with only one boss left Archimonde and his booklet of mechanics and spells.


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