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Post by Phaeton » 12 Oct 2015, 16:06

After working our way through hellfire citadel from its entrance all the way to its rooftop we finally faced Archimonde at the black gate. A 3 stage fight or 6 or 4 however you want to spin it. It's long it's brutal and it's certainly worthy to be considered as a true end boss. A couple of key elements for the fights are priority target swaps on "must die asap" mobs. Mass re-positioning of the entire raid at set intervals while maintaining the layout of where to stand and the spreading and collapsing to counter certain boss mechanics in very short timeframes. Ofcourse we have seen movement and adds before as they are pretty much a part of any boss fights these days but the sheer amount of mechanics on Archimonde and how they conflict or challenge you in order to execute them properly is the real fickle.

In the fashion of imperator Margok the Archimonde fight kicks into overdrive when he reaches 25% and big ole meteors start tumbling from the skies and sets of 3 infernals are unleashed. While there really was a learning curve to tackle all phases prior to the 25% as on heroic everything was taking more time. The crux of the fight for us was the last phase and being able to deal with the rain, the infernals and the living shadows. We lacked a lot of cc control in order to split the infernals up properly if they weren't engaged immediately when they were born. Limited taunts and displacements meant that once a second infernal started to make its way to the tank it was nigh impossible to get it off. Gradually we started getting further into the last phase especially so if infernal spawns were slightly staggered which lead to sub 10% wipes and at later stages sub 5% wipes. Very close to a kill but with time having ran out we needed another reset hopefully another 3 levels on our fancy rings would close the deal.

So we started on him again in a fresh reset with 3 more levels on our ring and managed to get pretty far again with a sub 10% wipe on our first pull. Imperative not to get greedy and to keep being focused on the assignments it felt like tonight was gonna be the night. A third rain of chaos unleashed and people slowly starting to topple over. Infernals rising up but not being handled as too little people were left to do so it was all focus on Archimonde. He was fast approaching 0% and just in the knick of time before the infernals started with their hellfire he toppled and we got our curve. Well done everyone involved in the learning and executing of the fight.


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