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Post by Phaeton » 03 Oct 2016, 00:14

The first boss in the Emerald Nightmare is Nythendra. A screechy dragon who is plagued by disease and poison and apparently the female version of gollum to some. The core of the fight revolves around dropping poison at pre-assigned spots, dodging a conal breath and making sure you don't hug inflated insects. Blizzard didn't wait long to introduce the non detectable mechanics which in the case of Nythendra means you don't get any warning for big bad insects near you aside from your own two eyes. Struggling in the first week to meet the DPS requirement as we went into enrage several times. The second week we seemingly had more issues with having enough healing to keep the raid stable and topped up to cope with the damage of infested and volatile rot ticks. After some dodgy attempts we starting making progress again and were able to sustain the fight for longer periods and soon after Nythendra fell to the floor. This time not to soak up all the lovely poison but to give us some well deserved loot.


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