Dragons of Nightmare

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Dragons of Nightmare

Post by Phaeton » 11 Oct 2016, 10:59

After having defeated Nythendra we mainly focused on bringing down the dragons of nightmare. 3 Dragons in total of which Ysondre is always present and the other 2 alternate on a weekly basis. Heralding back to the original world boss from classic the other dragons are Taerar, Lethon and Emeriss. The fight has the raid divided into 2 groups 45 yards apart from one another as the dragons have a stacking aura debuff that causes you to take increasing damage from being near them. While tanks sort out the swapping of dragons the raid itself has to be aware of a wide variety of abilites that all 3 dragons unleash. There's adds, there's spreading and stacking, there's soaking, there's a fear and there's dispelling. A wide selection of death and mayhem indeed. Initially we struggled somewhat with the fight but after some changes we got a better handle on it and started to make good progress. As long as we limited the amount of people who got hit by defiled spirits we managed to stay in control and soon after the dragons fell.


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