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Post by Phaeton » 11 Oct 2016, 11:05

The patchwerk fight is a stra....... Okay we have seen this happen a few times now in raids where sometimes a boss is put in with relatively little mechanics who serves the purpose of making sure you able to ouput the right numbers in terms of healing and dps. Enrage timers are strict and dmg taken is unavoidable and brutal. Ursoc is a fight like that. If the strategy is executed properly then the fight feels 100% in your control and it just becomes a number game. With a relative new expansion still and people still working their way up the gearing ladder and getting used to any new class reworks we fell a bit short on numbers in our first week. In the second week we felt that it might be doable but it was still cutting it quite close. In the end ursoc fell but not before taking almost everyone with us.. a proper buttclenching will it die kill.


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