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Post by Phaeton » 11 Oct 2016, 11:15

Corruption incarnate and whispering you with the sweetest of tales is Ilgynoth a beating mass who has taken residence in a local hollowed out tree. Not interested in tourists who come to check out the lovely interior design Ilgynoth has barred his entrance with a big floating eyeball. I'm still really waiting on nose or ear inspired old god creatures btw blizz. Ilgynoth is an add fight which attempts to overwhelm you before you go into the tree to actually damage him. The first half of the fight adds spawn relatively slow and kiting is not as hectic. The second half however ramps up quickly. Adds spawning further away from one another and having to deal with a sheer greater number of nightmare ichors, who cause you to consistently run about to kite them, puts quite a strain on throughput. Having reshuffled some cooldown related things we managed to get the second half of the fight much more under control. In hindsight the fight feels like its defeated once you manage to reach the tree the second time around. At that stage it's basically a free kill. A good haul this week in terms of new boss kills. Well done all and spew corruption for all or cookies.


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