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Elerethe Renferal

Postby Phaeton » 21 Oct 2016, 13:03

Coming from the lands of... ehhh who is this boss ? and what is its name ? Eleee, Eller, Ailee, nghhh Ellie referral your local no one knows who it is boss. Coming in two flavours of spider and raven she is the subject of debate and hotfixes changing her fight mechanics quickly after release. More painting in the floor mechanics driven by poison pools and tornado's this time while making sure you execute a platform crossing well. The fight being quite straightforward on the platforms themselves the crossing of one platform to another is quite hectic. Having part of the raid take up feathers granting them superhero jumping abilities the other part of the raid needs to traverse a spiderweb of bridges to get across. Making sure the group moves as one unit and doesn't run into tornado's or egg sacs becomes vital as tornado's sucking up poison pools hurts...a lot. After cleaning up the positioning a wee bit we were making good progress and with many people already dead this mystery boss fell. Seriously ...WHO IS THIS... even Malfurion had to go to wowpedia and look it up.


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