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Post by Phaeton » 08 Nov 2016, 14:53

The Cenarius fight, which is considered by some as the actual end boss of the emerald nightmare, is quite a hectic high movement fight. At its core the fight revolves around dealing with add waves and the specific mechanics that these adds bring while maintaining as much dps on Cenarius as possible. Adds come in four flavours: wisps, dryads, dragons, ancients of lore. Some of these adds favor being spread out and some of these favor being somewhat clumped with many waves being a combination of contradicting combinations. After having quite some attempts we felt like dealing with evil wisps posed the greatest threat to our raid so we changed our cleansing rotation somewhat to make sure we never got evil wisps. Aside from adds Cenarius buffs himself and allies within 30yards with a reflecting aura causing 50% of all dmg to be reflected back to the attacker. The icing on the cake comes from brambles or "SACRED VINES!" a fixate mechanic that cannot be detected by addons and relies purely on players scanning the environment and determine whether the brambles are following them or not. Having those brambles move through the raid clump can be devastating. Over the course of the attempts players have gotten better and quicker at detecting and responding to the brambles coupled with the hunters and paladins who clear patches we managed to get a grip on the brambles. After having Cenarius rotated into the wave pack during non reflecting period we managed to push him into phase 2 at the proper time at which stage we downed him quickly as phase 2 is mainly a burn phase.


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