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Post by Phaeton » 08 Nov 2016, 15:08

Xavius the nightmare lord is the last boss in the emerald nightmare. Having thrown the entire environment artist team at it the Xavius room features.....nothing aside from some fog and a lamp. The fight has plenty of mechanics and 3 phases heralding back to some bosses of old, notably Cho'gall. The core of the fight revolves around managing your corruption as nearly all sources of dmg cause you to gain corruption. At certain breakpoints you start seeing special mechanics and if you manage to reach a 100% corruption you will get permanently mind controlled. After having quite some time and attempts spent on Xavius we felt our progress to be too inconsistent and decided to take a different approach to the fight. As opposed to letting only dreamers deal with certain mechanics in phase 2 we tried a everyone soaks the meteor approach which worked out in favor for us. Adds in phase 2 were no concern anymore and bonds were handled more quickly like this as well. After having spent some time in phase 3 we also decided to take a burn approach here by simply not altering our positioning and not actively killing tentacles. After re-iterating the nightmare blade mechanic Xavius finally fell when most of us were at or near a 100% corruption.

The corruption faded and we finally see Xavius his night elf body...hey wait isn't that the illidan model ?


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