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Post by Phaeton » 17 Jan 2017, 18:26

Our first attempts at Helya on heroic proved to be quite a challenge as we had quite some issues dealing with the bilewater slimes due to our raid comp. We only had a limited amount of time on her pre 7.1.5 but once we reached her after the patch we seemed to be doing much better in terms of handling the slimes. Some experimenting with the positioning in phase 1 finally resulted in getting into phase 2 on almost each attempt. Reassigning the dps made quick work of handling the various adds and tentacles in phase 2 with only the odd fetid rot or decaying ghoul being out of place. Phase 3 with its lovely seaweed paint proved to be less of a nuisance especially with the pacing of the adds. Time was lenient enough that we could focus on the mechanics and have plenty of time to deal with the mariner.

Soon after we managed to get into phase 3 with nearly everyone alive and Helya was no more.


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