Chronomatic Anomaly

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Chronomatic Anomaly

Post by Phaeton » 31 Jan 2017, 17:18

There it was, the nightwell in all its glory... okay its actually quite pretty. Circling the nightwell is this lone elemental who didn't get killed by living that close to it. Instead it gained new powers and abilities which mostly are puns about time. The fight on paper seemed more involved than it eventually turned out to be. Dodging the ring of spheres that spill out of the nightwell was handled pretty well and the living bomb / add casts didn't seem to have a huge impact on the raids overall health. Making sure the tanks didn't accidentally wind up on 10 stacks of the debuff (yes it was my own fault) and enjoying that sweet fast forward time mode where you spam your spells like some crazy FPS game and a dead elemental followed.


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