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Post by Phaeton » 31 Jan 2017, 17:25

After having defeated the first 2 bosses Trilliax proved to not be as easy as pie. Having the extra stuffed debuff on heroic became a bit of a nuisance on our raid group size as the number of cakes and scrubber bots is fixed for all raid sizes. This in turn caused us to re-emphasize to eat cake, EAT CAKE AND DO IT NOW. No soul was spared from eating the cake not even khadgar and thalyssra if we could help it but all they do is watch. The sheer distance to cover in the room in a small(er) raid size did seem to take out the fun of this encounter as you could wind up running around all the time chasing scrubbers who were about to explode. Still the best bit about this fight are those unpredictable scrubbers, those you chase in high spirits ready to soak its explosion only to see them steer right for a wall....and then ride through the wall never to be heard of ever again! /boggle

After a couple of attempts we were progressing further into the fight and at that stage we felt the kill was in our grasp. Not much later Trilliax was no more. Now only if we knew what happened to his master.


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