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Post by Phaeton » 07 Feb 2017, 13:56

I guess Blizzard felt like they couldn't wait long before having us face another giant creature who we fight from the waist up at some ledge, oh hai Kromog Krosus. Krosus has very little mechanics to him, dodging his fel laser hands, a run away mechanic when a huge orb is being lobbed at you and a stand in swirly or face deadly imps. Aside from these things there is the minor detail of him breaking down the bridge you stand on, so you definitely don't want to stand on that section *cough* melee :D

Aside from some individual mistakes and deaths the only real issue we had to get to the end of the fight properly were the imp swirlies as the soaking went from good to poor to good again. Once that was further under control Krosus didn't take long to die in his own lavatory lake. This pleased Khadgar.


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