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Post by Phaeton » 24 Feb 2017, 18:53

We opted to focus on Tichondrius as our next target as Star Augur was clearly still out of our league dps wise but this filthy nathrezim surely was ripe for the picking. Again the smaller raid size and moreso the ratio of melee vs ranged seemed to be problematic on this fight. This resulted in a lot of experimenting with different positioning and handling of mechanics. Eventually we settled on something that worked for us as we managed to reach enrage several times. The slight problem here was that he still had 10% HP while doing so. After enjoying a nice glass of wine with some delightful cheese, okay a lot of cheese, we settled on keeping the blood adds in melee during the first main phase. Our dmg was still sufficient to cleavehold them down prior to a new set and thus overall dps on the boss went up. We did the second and third main phase as sane people in the usual way. We managed to compensate the lacking 10% of earlier enrage wipes this way and slew us a nice dreadlord.

tichondrius model courtesy of Larkbeef @ deviantart

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