Star Augur Etraeus

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Star Augur Etraeus

Post by Phaeton » 08 Mar 2017, 16:24

Star Augur starts off in a room that's clearly bad for people with claustrophobia. Soon after, the walls fall away and we find ourselves in this hologram star observatory room, where Etraeus shows us all the star systems that could spell our doom. We start out on Hoth, we then go to Quesh and we finish on Taris... oh sorry wrong universe. For all phases on this fight, positioning plays a crucial role in terms of handling the mechanics. This is especially true on heroic, as we get to deal with a new mechanic: Nooooooovaa! This mechanic only really impacts positioning in the fel phase. As the nova dmg is reduced based on distance it becomes important to paint in the room in a sensible way so everyone is able to reach the edge without hassle or running through 15 fel patches. The real crux of the fight is the enrage timer near the end once you push him into void phase, which is also the reason why we left him till last. Once we managed to reach the last phase with everyone alive, Etraeus was no more and the observatory fell into the hands of Suraiya.


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