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Grand Magistrix Elisande

Posted: 28 Mar 2017, 20:44
by Phaeton
After having dealt with the rabble of the cleavehold we finally reached the last two bosses. First off we have Elisande, Suramar's favourite dictator. After having killed off half the city she retreated into the nighthold only to pop out as a huge hologram and weave a fancy time stop spell on our assault force. It comes to no surprise that the fight heavily relies on the playing around with time and recurrence. Two times Elisande will avert her death only to rewind time and start from anew before she is defeated. She does this while attaining any spells she used in a previous incarnation and echo these abilities through space and time into her future self. Oh boy and we thought draenor was a time-wreck. The bread and butter of the fight is a ring of arcane orbs that collapses into a copy of elisande. You cannot avoid this ring in its natural state and will take near fatal damage if you get hit by one link in the chain or insta-die if you get hit by multiple. Two adds are summoned by Elisande who on death form spheres that slow or accelerate the flow of time. Any links in the circle chain that pass through these sphere thus are slowed or accelerated causing the chain to break apart forming gaps through which you can pass safely. While there are about 15million more mechanics this arcanetic ring is the staple mechanic. It wasn't the hardest thing to overcome for us as other abilities were more challenging to our group but we managed to finally put Elisande down with a one shot after having not been able to reach her for a wee while.