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Posted: 19 Apr 2017, 14:08
by Phaeton
The final hurdle of the nighthold or Draenor pending how you look at it, is Gul'dan. The Gul'dan fight is a long one and as we've seen in the past with end bosses things get hectic in its last phase. Gul'dan is no exception to this as phase 1 is short and docile, phase 2 is long but can be executed with much control from the raid itself. Then there is phase 3 where things seemingly break down especially if the raid size is on the lower end of the spectrum. We have seen this on several bosses in the nighthold where from a design standpoint blizzard really dropped the ball by allowing certain mechanics to be a fixed number. 30 people present 7 people deal with X, 10 people present 7 people deal with X come on blizzard you have enough experience not to screw up like that. Hotfixes along the way alleviated some of these issues but Gul'dan is still going strong in this department. The sheer amount of people afflicted by flames of sargeras on our raid size meant our overall throughput just evaporated. This caused issues in both the DPS and the HPS which quickly meant a death of one or two people which only exacerbated the excessive number of mechanics as people with flames of sargeras now also were targetted by eye of sargeras. Aside from those issues the windows of opportunity in which to soak a soul inside the eye of amanthul was very limited esp with so many ppl affected by flames up the point of the double eye we managed to get that under control. After having dealth with the double eye bit many souls were left in inside the eye of amanthul unsoaked and thus many people died around the same time Gul'dan started his black harvest. That said with still a couple of people alive and Gul'dan being at 2% there was much butt clenching but eventually he fell and we got our first kill. Well done all.