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Sisters of the Moon

Posted: 21 Jul 2017, 13:17
by Phaeton
After spending some time on a disgruntled naga we decided to have a go at the Sisters of the Moon. This trio of elven ghosts shower you with abilities and spells in such large quantity it has the potential to blow up your gfx card or so we're told :lol:

A council like fight where you have to deal with abilities of all 3 bosses but only one is active to dps harboring a similarity to the blood prince council from ICC. The abilities are rather straightforward with aoe voidzone type abilities that should be placed near the edges of the room and just moved out of and a plethora of line shot attacks ever popularized by WoD. The uniqueness of the fight comes from the platform you fight on. A representation of elune which cycles through its day and night stages. While standing in the light side you receive a stacking debuff increasing the arcane damage that you take while standing in dark the debuff will increase the shadow damage that you take. It's important to keep track of this debuff and reset it by moving over the terminator at appropriate times. This is especially important just before full moon or new moon as the bosses will use their ultimate ability meaning you are stuck on full moon/new moon for a prolonged period of time which could result in high debuff stack count if you didn't reset at the proper time.

After having some mixed results we managed to get further along into the fight and soon we found ourselves in the last phase. After a wee bit more experience we managed to slay the sisters and comfort the healers, all driven mad by healing off shielding.


Re: Sisters of the moon

Posted: 24 Jul 2017, 09:16
by Tykh02
It was dust!