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Mistress Sassz'ine

Posted: 21 Jul 2017, 13:36
by Phaeton
After having dealt with the sisters we went back to our friendly naga and her battery of aquatic friends. The first issue we had was a lack of damage to kill eels on time before a tornado wall would sweep us away. After some talent adjustments we were ready for some silly cleave fiesta. Murlocs were a slight issue as they wound up in china more often than in the melee pack which eventually improved with more attempts resulting in more cleave. After having seen plenty of phase 1 things were looking up and we finally were able to spend some time in phase 2. Hydra shots become more a spur of the moment mechanic in phases two and three as strict positioning is out the window. Sidestepping a big crashing wave is easy enough and dealing with the shark by feeding it some ink was learned quick enough. Phase 3 was quite the change as the tornado wall of doom returned and eel juice disappearing straight before it. Under heroism we were killing those eels slightly too quickly so we postponed the hero somewhat to alleviate that issue. Fingers crossed while everyone was soaking in ink pools to keep the room manageable clean. Finally we were having really close wipes but had some shoddy attempts after that. Time almost up we ended up at our traditional final pull of the evening. Which in our long standing tradition thus also resulted in the kill.