The Desolate Host

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The Desolate Host

Post by Phaeton » 30 Jul 2017, 18:36

The Desolate Host fight takes place in a room where the raid can freely phase in and out of 2 specific realms on their own accord by interacting with braziers littered around the edge of the room. The bulk of the fight revolves around add control and positioning. While in a realm you can not be near another player in the other realm as this will cause a large amount of damage called dissonance. For this reason its imperative that everyone moves or stands in a predetermined way/location so that the amount of "screw-up" dissonance damage is reduced as much as possible. In the spirit realm there are some small adds that fixate on players leaving a trail of goop on the floor while moving about and some priestesses that sorta chain cast 2 spells. The scream being the important one to interrupt unless players in the corporeal ask for a scream to go through. I think one of the main things everyone needed to adjust to was the amount of spike damage/healing required when certain mechanics go off. This is especially true for soulbind / spear / wither and if these coincide with phase transitions. Once everyone got a wee bit more experience with the fight we were pushing it into the last phase. This last phase starts out hectic with the mini bosses stil alive and so you have to still consider all of their mechanics but once those are dead the fight just becomes a move away from X or stack at X while damage onto the raid slowly ramps up. After a few more attempts we were able to slay the Desolate Host.


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