Maiden of Vigilance

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Maiden of Vigilance

Post by Phaeton » 09 Aug 2017, 16:06

The Maiden of Vigilance stands watch next to a non functional elevator boss as the seventh boss in the tomb of sargeras. The fight itself is really not that complicated with limited movement and no adds it mostly boils down to debuff management. The fight hearkens back to the Thaddius encounter in naxxramas which is pretty much the same at its core. Players either get holy infused or fel infused and touching any other player or mechanic, flying projectiles or floating orbs of the opposite colour turns you into a bomb. The bomb mechanic is dealt with by jumping into the elevator boss with less than 3 seconds remaining in order to negate the explosion to hurt the entire raid. Aside from managing this debuff, there is ofcourse some soaking involved this time in the form of a frontal cone. Once we altered how we soaked we were seeing less soaking deaths and managed to get close to a kill. Now we just needed to wait for people not to hit wrong orbs and turn half the raid into a bomb before we would get a kill. Soon after everything was right on track until mayhem broke out and we wound up with just a handful of people alive yet the Maiden was sub 5% HP. A successful solo soak by our bear extra-ordinaire and the Maiden was no more.


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