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Fallen avatar

Post by Phaeton » 24 Aug 2017, 19:25

After defeating the maiden we get to enjoy a long titan elevator ride into the bowels of the of tomb complex where Kil'jaeden awaits us as he reanimates the fallen avatar. The fight has a docile phase one which is all about proper execution/positioning which if successful will delay the amount of energy that the avatar can absorb. Once fully laden with energy the avatar will shatter the platform and cause everyone to tumble down except for Velen, who rides in a golden bubble chariot. We find ourselves on a small island in a fel lava lake while getting bombarded with tornadoes and boy to they hurt. Training you to become excellent tornado dodgers the fight quickly ramps up in damage as soaks are getting more difficult to execute as the island shrinks with every aoe blast. Eventually although with one sliver of land left the avatar fell and was no more.


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