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Posted: 28 Sep 2017, 19:54
by Phaeton
The last hurdle of the tomb of sargeras is Kil'jaeden as the sunwell was merely a set... oh sorry... wrong boss. The fight definitely falls into the category of long multi-phase bossfights where a single player making a bad mistake can cripple or wipe the fight in an instant. A whopping 5 phases with multiple types of adds, soaking mechanics, displacement knockbacks and living bomb abilities the fight is jam packed with events. As a smaller raid group we struggled at times with reaching certain areas on the platform in time as not everyone has access to sprints. Luckily a nerf to the fight alleviated this problem. Spending ample time in phase 3 we had mixed results but finally managed to punch through to the illidan phase. Pending on the hp going into the illidan phase we didn't have much trouble with it and emerged out of it into the final phase. Everything seemed fine, some more obelisks hey what's this swirly armageddon again? OH MY GOD it's a ball of fire..... get it off get it off. Another fine example of going over mechanics != to executing them properly. Seeing/experiencing them first hand was needed and so our adventure in the last phase was quickly ended. After getting to the last phase a couple more times things were improving and soon we had a very neat start of the last phase. That excitement however soon ended as some more obelisks and fire orbs came along and started taking out people. 1% left on Kil'jaeden and only a bear and a warlock alive would this be it? An epic wipe and we had to try again or... BOOM he fell over and we managed to get out first kill. Well done all KJ surely made us work for it.