Antoran high command

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Antoran high command

Post by Phaeton » 13 Dec 2017, 14:54

We faced the Antoran high command as our third boss on heroic. At first we struggled somewhat with the encounter but some more attempts and experience sorted that out. Soon after we were in the second cycle of phases getting ready to use that golden umbrella for fusilades while suddenly the raid started to take massive damage. What did just happen ?? people toppling over in the course of a second or two. Where is the damage coming from.... mines?? who is stepping on them.... no one ? They are what.... detonating by themselves... but...but dungeon

We didn't realize this was fully happening until after we got our kill as a mine pack only took out 85% of our raid as opposed to 98%. But yes mines detonate by themselves a "intended" mechanic and you have your off-tank step on them forcefully during the admiral and engineer phases of the fight /headdesk. Way to go blizzard with your clear communication and lack of dungeon journal information.


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