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Post by Phaeton » 13 Dec 2017, 15:11

Where the antoran high command lacked information, the Eonar encounter does present you with information but does so in the most clunkiest of ways. A tower defense fight encounter where you face no bosses just waves of "trash". The demons pour in from 3 possible lanes and make their way over to the essence of Eonar in the center of the encounter. Bats every now and them join the fray as they descend from the sky. The raid is divided up in half or even more strike teams and learning where lanes were going to spawn was the real progression for the encounter. The game makes no secret about where a lane of demons is going to spawn however it announces this in the most clunkiest of ways. On your actual map, so half the encounter revolves around toggling your map on and off until you memorize the spawn order. The actual demon lanes were not that hard to deal with as the distance they need to travel before they reach Eonar is quite forgiving. While everyone was still busy with lane switching or killing of demons Eonar shouted for the 4th time and killed off the paraxis. A chest appeared and the encounter was over.... was that it?? crackled over discord


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