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The restless cabal

Posted: 04 May 2019, 14:11
by Phaeton
The prelude to the crucible of storms introduces us to Xal'atath an entity which shadow priest are intimately familiar with. She introduces us to 3 powerful relics that the naga try to obtain for Queen Azshara. We find ourselves back in the shrine of the storms where we are pitted against a faceless one (n'raqi) and a K'thir. The 3 relics we obtained are there as well since someone double crossed us after we managed to collect them. The fight here revolves around control as there is a ranged dps tank all of a sudden and independent health pools of 2 bosses that need to die at the same time while dropping 25% in health will active a relic that cannot activate twice. No zerg tactics here or foolish positioning but all finesse and if done correctly the fight doesn't even feel all that bad. Once we altered our positioning to give our ranged tank some more space and tightened the rules about dispelling we starting making good headway. Not soon after the restless cabal was no more only to discover that underneath the shrine lurks a giant tentacle monster with N'zoth eyeballs...