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Stone Legion Generals

Posted: 26 Jan 2021, 15:10
by Phaeton
As we moved up the castle through the magically restored mirror we find ourselves on top of the castle facing both General Kaal and General Grashaal. A fight stuffed with mechanics many of which are positionally determined whether you handle them successfully or are causing a wipe. Once we managed to get through the learning curve of getting to grips where to be at which time we started to progress through the fight. The fight itself is quite lengthy and the pressure doesn't really abate. We managed to persevere however and feed that anima to Renethal as he blasted us into the final phase where no goliath would ruin the mood of our tanks anymore. Facing both Grashaal and Kaal at the same time now it was just a matter of keeping their HP as equal as possible while handling all of the mechanics in whatever order that may be, oh hello spell queue.