Accepted: Colossal - Fury Warrior

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Accepted: Colossal - Fury Warrior

Post by Colossal » 09 Jun 2013, 21:54

A new user has signed up by the application form, called Colossal.

Real name: David

E-mail address: hidden

Age: 27

Character Name: Colossal

Character Class: Warrior

Main Spec: Fury

Off Spec: Prot

Other characters: Davetherave - freshly dinged 90 druid
Tinkerfind - PVP/PVE geared warlock ( this is usually my farming character havnt had time to transfer him with my warrior though)

Time and how often online: When not working i can be online most hours of the day (haha, i feel no shame typing that)

When working im online 20:00 - 01:00 Server time

Raid experience: Previous:-
Vanilla:- cleared MC, ZG
TBC:- Cleared all raid content
Wrath:- Cleared All normal raid content, tourny and icc cleared hc - never touched ruby sanc for some reason.
Cata:- Cleared all normal content with a mixture of Hc's completed in Firelands and DS

Cleared MSV, HoF and ToT on normal (ToT as a 25 man guild).

Through out my seven years of playing i have raid lead and gm'd - those whom do that can tell that alone gives a unique experience

Armory link: ... sal/simple

Previous guild(s): Soulriders of the felwen, Core Carnage

Reasons for quitting: Soulriders:- The raiding times were fine till i got a second job, which meant id miss an hour of raiding.( which isnt good for any guild making progress). I want to raid, being a part timer wasnt an option for me.

Core Carnage:- This was my own guild. Seven years took its toll on a few of the members, and instead of cancelling raids i took the choice to disband and let playerstry find a more active guild.

Playstyle/goals: Im a perfectionist with my own gear / rotation. I like to try perform to the best of what i can. (Usually by sprawling through WoL and thiniking..hmm why didnt i press that button!)
I like to have fun while i play, and i think with WoW alot of people forget that at the end of the day its a game.
I'd like to think my goals in the game were to raid, kill and pillage the content which bliz puts in front of us, but doing it with a like minded bunch of people!

Expectations from joining
A friendly non elitist environment.
And without being too obvious. Raids!

Why are you the right person?
I can have a different approach to things for example over my course of WoW, ive had some pretty messed up group combinations ( 3 hunters, 3 priests in one group) so ive had to think up some special tactics and think out the box.

I could apply my excellent scottish people skills to any situation, and find myself breaking into humour when spirits get low.

More importantly i am dependable.
I can also offer friendly advice to anyone with addons, macro's and most things logs related.

Describe yourself
Im a 27 year old Scottish dude, from just outside Glasgow. I run my own business from home, and work part time(so i dont go insane from working at home).

Other comments
Since teh 50% off transfer ends soon. ( tomorrow?) id kind of need a reply back soon, as i would be transfering a few characters over. (700k gold is a pain in the ass!)

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Re: Application from Colossal

Post by Auri » 09 Jun 2013, 22:08

Colossal, thank you for your application.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.
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Re: Application from Colossal

Post by Glittergold » 09 Jun 2013, 23:47

Colossal, you have been accepted for trial.

Please contact any of the officers online when you get a chance for an invite.
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