Declined: Hypnôtize - Rogue


Declined: Hypnôtize - Rogue

Post by Viktorcamel » 25 Jun 2013, 22:49

Hello there im Viktor and i play as rogue named Hypnôtize.

Im kind of full pvp geared, but im working twoards pve gear.

i have been raiding TBC WOTLK and Cata most harcore in cata where i raided 5 days a week, and we cleared our first hc neff 1.3 mins after the servers first guild, pitty..

although this was not on my rogue, it was on my warlock. so i whould like to join ur guild, maby just as a social for the time beeing untill i get enough raid gear to start raiding with you guys,

im full enchant almost full JC and i got full BS

im and easylearner and try my hardest allways.

Here is a joke for you. What do rogues and noobs have in common? They both pick locks. :) have a good one and i hope to raid with you soon!

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Re: Applying for the guild

Post by Phaeton » 27 Jun 2013, 01:06

Viktor, thank you for your application. You have however failed to use our application form.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.

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Re: Applying for the guild

Post by Auri » 28 Jun 2013, 14:50

Viktor, thank you for showing an interest in Retired.
However we are declining your application.

Good luck with the rest of your travels around Azeroth.
You only want me for my totems...