Accepted: sidchristos - hunter

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Accepted: sidchristos - hunter

Post by sidchristos » 29 Jul 2013, 17:17

A new user has signed up by the application form, called sidchristos.

Real name: Christos

E-mail address: hidden

Age: 18

Character Name: Xristos

Character Class: Hunter

Main Spec: Survival

Off Spec: Beast Mastery

Other characters: A druid named Rovion that i used to raid with for a while during Cataclysm: ... n/advanced
And a few 85-89 that i never had the joy to level 'em up :P

Time and how often online: Generally I can be online almost every evening except Friday and Saturday, though untill 23/8 i have a summer job for 4 days a week and one of these are Thursday, but Sunday and Monday are free.
(After 23/8 Thursday will be fine too)

Raid experience: So, for Mop i was a casual all the way and only joined a pug once for HoF because it was my last year at school and final exams were crucial for my future.
Though I used to be a Raider though Wowlk and Cata.
Naxx: Full clear
Ulduar: Unfortunately I lost this great content -_-
ToC: Full Normal clear
ICC: 11/12 hc before patch 4.0

During Cataclysm for tier 12 I used to raid as a healer with my druid i mentioned above with full clear on Normal, though at firelands I came back with my hunter reaching Hc Ragnaros so 6/7 hc and for the next tier, before the nerfs i was 3/8 hc on Dragon Soul.

Armory link: ... tos/simple

Previous guild(s): Umbrage(H),WarriorsOfTheHeart(A)

Reasons for quitting: For my first guild it was that most peaple went casual before Cataclysm, so our raid roster changed to 10man and they kept only the oldest raiders back from Vanilla :O
My current guild used to be 25man that also unfortunately changed to 10 man. The reason I quit is because I want to raid, but my guild's raiding days don't suit me :/

Playstyle/goals: My hunter always used to be my favourite toon and I always try to improve myself with him, like reading guides from top players and generally following any news about my class.
My goals is it to reach end content from Tiers but not from LFR because that way i feel like a bored from the 2nd time a enter the same istance, I'm not used to to stuff the easy way, and I doesnt satisfy me killing an endboss just by nuking him hard and avoiding fire

Expectations from joining
Laughing at Vent/Mumble, and doing some raiding :D

Why are you the right person?
As a hunter I can bring quite a few raid buffs and a competative dps >:)

Describe yourself
Well Im the kind of guy who tries to feel his whole day, i like to have everythin organised and my life running in a program. Trying to keep up with everything and even though I hear bad comments about that, because in the end i lose the point and fail on everything, untill now i've done pretty well ^^

Other comments
My Hunter wasn't raiding untill now so gems and enchants were the cheapest i found :P If im going to be raiding again those will be sorted ASAP! :P

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Re: Application from sidchristos

Post by Auri » 29 Jul 2013, 17:50

Xristos, thank you for your application.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.
You only want me for my totems...

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Re: Application from sidchristos

Post by Phaeton » 01 Aug 2013, 20:06

Xristos, you have been accepted for trial.

Please contact any of the officers online when you get a chance for an invite or send us an in-game mail with your battle-tag so we can contact you.