Accepted: Ylytisse - Shadow Priest


Accepted: Ylytisse - Shadow Priest

Post by Ylytisse » 16 Oct 2013, 15:02

A new user has signed up by the application form, called minaeth.

Real name: Boci

E-mail address: hidden

Age: 30

Character Name: Ylytisse

Character Class: priest

Main Spec: shadow

Off Spec: holy / disc (I am also willing to play a healer role occassionaly!)

Other characters: My 90 alts are not suited for raiding since they lack gear and I lack the experience. I have a warrior, a monk, a paladin, and a mage. Please check out ... r/Ylytisse

Time and how often online: It varies, but I had a very high raid attendance so far. I rarely participate in organized non-raid activities, since I have a family, but I try to be online enough for the farmwork required to support my raiding.

Raid experience: I started raiding in BC, done everything expect Sunwell.
Everything in WotLK, incl hc LK, server 3rd (on ragnaros), and hc Halion, Tr. to Insanity, Undying.
No notable raiding in Cata, RL issues.
Also no notable hc raiding in Mysts, but I was active, just couldn't manage raid in a proper environment.

Armory link: ... e/advanced

Previous guild(s): Honesty

Reasons for quitting: GM and MT got banned for honest, but very successful trading, so raiding stopped. If you are interested in further reasons, I could you tell more in private.

Playstyle/goals: I have a very strong tendency to properly follow tactics and objectives, even at the cost of personal throughput, I very rarely do meter-whoreing. I play for the enjoyment of proper execution of fights. (I am not exactly a social person. I tend to have a very sick sense of humor, if someone gets it that's fine, if not, that's also fine.)

Expectations from joining
That I could do some serious raiding with you.

Why are you the right person?
If I was a GM, I would want people who are reliable in both attendance and performance, do not cause trouble and not toxic to the atmosphere of the guild. I hope I am such a person. Nothing spectacular, just a brick in the wall. I rarely speak but I can voice my concerns that I think are important. And you can be sure that I won't shy away from progress raids, because those are what I play for.

Describe yourself
I would classify as an INTP on the Myers-Briggs personality test. I like thinking and speaking about concepts, I don't respect any tradition. In general, I am very unsatisfied with the current state of global issues & culture. I am not kind and helpful, and I don't want to be friends with everyone.

Other comments
You wanted honesty, I hope you won't reject me for it.

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Re: Application from minaeth

Post by Phaeton » 16 Oct 2013, 15:24

Ylytisse, thank you for your application!

We will get back to you when we have reached a decision.

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Re: Application from minaeth

Post by Auri » 17 Oct 2013, 14:52

Ylytisse, you have been accepted for trial.

Please contact any of the officers online when you get a chance for an invite.
You only want me for my totems...