Application from Rage


Application from Rage

Post by Rage » 28 Sep 2015, 20:53

A new user has signed up by the application form, called Rage.

Real name: Connor

E-mail address: hidden

Age: 20

Character Name: Rage

Character Class: Warrior

Main Spec: Protection

Off Spec: Fury (SMF)

Other characters: Tholna (100 Priest-Disc/Shadow)
Quizzles (100 DK-Unholy)
Queldanash (100 Rogue-Assasination)
Shootyrage (100 Hunter-Survival)
Xander (100 Warlock-Destruction/Affliction)
Malinthras (100 Paladin-Retribution)

Time and how often online: After 5pm till i run out stuff to do xD sometimes a bit earlier but i will say 5pm to be safe. all day weekends, very rarely work some mornings but once every 2 months if that. normally online about 30 hours average a week

Raid experience: Raided hardcore through vanilla to ToTGC as prot warrior on my original account, quit and lost my account before ICC, came back with a new account for ICC and have stuck with it since. Raided more casual through ICC, Cataclysm and MoP until ToT (but still cleared all content on normal at least before next patch) at ToT i joined Azys and was there main progress tank for SoO and assisited in all HC kills until Paragons of Klaxxi as the main tank but during Garrosh progress i was sent abroad with work for an extended period, been very casual but want to get back into the game now. During SoO with Azys, i ranked in the 99th percentile on every boss and got top 3 world on 3 bosses at the time during progress

Armory link: ... e/advanced

Previous guild(s): Azys

Reasons for quitting: Was sent abroad on work

Playstyle/goals: I want to have fun, i would like to clear all current content to some level before the next is released with a fun and chilled environment instead of the high intensity aggressive one i left a while ago

Expectations from joining
I don't expect much, just some fun people i can relax and play with really, make some friends and kill some bosses :D

Why are you the right person?
I can contribute as a dedicated tank and i will always try to excel and get every inch out of myself and my character and a wide variety of toys to show off during raid breaks ;)

Describe yourself
Big wow fanboy, if anyones stuck in the game i will try help my hardest, im very dedicated and once i have put my mind to it i will get the job done. I love having a good laugh and spending way too much time farming mounts and legendarys xD

Other comments
If you want to know about my previous experince Cyndy or Gusz from Azys can comment on how i was there for an unbiased opinion of me and my ability as a tank. my gear is not great i know, but hopefully my ability as a tank would shine above it, thankyou for your consideration :) if you want to contact me with any further questions, my RealID is Rage#2252

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Re: Application from Rage

Post by Phaeton » 28 Sep 2015, 22:07

Hello Rage, thank you for your application.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.