Accepted: Silmarlis


Accepted: Silmarlis

Post by Silmarlis » 09 Nov 2015, 19:26

A new user has signed up by the application form, called Silmarlis.

Real name: Rufus

E-mail address: hidden

Age: top secret info

Character Name: Silmarlis

Character Class: Shaman

Main Spec: elemental

Off Spec: resto

Other characters: Druid- errm two of them @100 :) (boomkins)
DK currently frost possible tank. low ilvl
Host of other alts at 90 and lower.

Time and how often online: Normally i would try to at least log on daily, depending on what i am working the length of time will vary. My working pattern is normally fixed, over time can ruin all of this however. Generally i would expect to be online for at least a couple of hours daily. Work means i am unable to be online before 2200 ST

Raid experience: I started playing in vanilla and got into raiding fairly late, on my druid.
Since BC i have been an active raider mostly on my Shammy running resto or ele, as I wanted to, or what was needed, or both! With largely good results. I have some experience raid leading, in both a social setting, and heroic encounters. I have helped as an officer in 25 man raid teams, experience running a small guild of 14 or so raiders.

Having taken a small break from wow during later MoP, i was a bit late getting back to raiding with WoD.

For current content i have 11/13 missing Heroic Fel Lord, and Socrethar on my shaman. I have killed heroic socrethar with my druid, cinameen.

Armory link: ... s/advanced

Previous guild(s): Genesis > Anarchy > Symatic > Dragnipur > Unchained Kilrogg server. Moved to Terenas at the beginning of MoP > GuildNAMEFORGOTTEN >Headhunters > Singularis > GuildNAMEFORGOTTEN Moved to Arathor > Devastator Squad > Legends Of Chaos >

Reasons for quitting: Genesis was my first raiding guild, which disbanded early TBC, Anarchy took a few of the players that did not Xrealm. Anarchy was my happy home until Cataclysm. Enjoying status as the alliance top guild for most of that time. Anarchy was no longer the fun friendly guild it had been, and i decided to downscale and try a bit of 10man raiding and joined Symatic. Dragnipur was largely the same core of raiders from Symatic. As people became less active and raids became harder to fill, the guild melted into other more active guilds, i moved to unchained. The server had become dead, and even thought the up-coming realm merger was due, i decided i wanted to try a new realm and server.

I moved from Kilrogg server and I leapt from the frying pan into the fire. I joined a guild of rift players which quickly melted into another 25 man guild (Headhunters). I did not enjoy this raid environment and joined a fairly successful 10 man guild largely from inactive people from the previous guild and friends from other servers (Singularis). This guild merged with another 10man raiding guild in preparation for the coming expansion. I found them all to be really nice people but I felt like a square peg in a round hole. I had been inactive +8months

Well I tried to stay away .... Having felt Headhunters was not for me, and feeling that Terenas had not been all that enjoyable I decided I should leave. Go back to Kilrogg or try something new ? So I came to Arathor.
Hastily I accepted my third guild invite, partly in a tired stupor and partly because I forgot you could turn it off. Devastator Squad turned out to be not so active.
After chatting with the GM of Legends Of Chaos, i asked if I could join as a social. I was raiding two weeks later. Having been in this guild for a few months i find myself wanting a bit more from raiding. The environment can be a bit turbulent, but largely it is not my kind of humour. I find myself wanting to raid, but i am frustrated by the situation i find myself in. I am not enjoying raiding here any more.

Playstyle/goals: I always enjoyed all aspect of PVE and enjoy the team effort of raiding. I have always preferred fun over progress in raids, but like all things, to a certain extent. I have always enjoyed killing bosses with a bunch of like-minded friends, and i have always strived to kill current content whilst having fun.

Expectations from joining
Organised and structured raiding with other people wanting to have fun and hopefully kill a few bosses along the way. Social active environment to enjoy wow from.

Why are you the right person?
Having played since Vanilla i have seen a lot change, some better, some not so, but i have some useful experience. i am a helpful happy person, willing to assist any way i can. I am not the font of all knowledge but i am happy to share what i know. I am an active player.

Describe yourself
Old enough to know better, young enough to try it again. I have a stable home life, and pay my own bills. My time is largely my own, and i still love playing this game.

Other comments
Currently i am recovering from a broken clavicle (collar bone) and as a result i am not able to go to work. I am not sure how much longer i will be signed off work, but when i return to work, assuming my shift pattern remains the same or similar, i will be able to attend 100% of your raid times/days. This is working on assumption but i have no reason to believe this should change.
I had looked at applying to you guys just before i had my accident, partly because your raid days suit me better than Legends of Chaos.
I decided not apply until i felt better but also when i knew a bit more about work, but on reflection, i find i am able to play with very little difficulty and the extra day of raiding i have been able to enjoy with Legends of Chaos has reminded me that raiding with these lovely people is driving me bonkers.

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Re: Application from Silmarlis

Post by Phaeton » 09 Nov 2015, 21:57

Hello Silmarlis, thank you for your application.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision

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Re: Application from Silmarlis

Post by Phaeton » 18 Nov 2015, 18:10

Silmarlis, you have been accepted for trial!

Please contact any of the officers online when you get a chance for an invite.