Accepted: Forrix Druid - Social Application

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Accepted: Forrix Druid - Social Application

Post by forrix » 24 Jul 2016, 02:17


Real Name: Chris

Your age:28

Character name:

Character class:

Main spec:

Off spec:
Guardian altho this may switch need to wait and see

Other characters:
Deadforr - Deathknight

Times and how often online:

Well I work full-time with differing shift patterns week to week, so it depends wholly on that.

Raid experience:
Began Raiding in the tail end of Wrath with the Imperium which is a social guild but began taking raiding a bit more seriously when I became main tank when the previous main tank rage quit on Magmaw LOL by the time we cleared T11 I ended up as the Raid Leader we cleared all bosses on Normal cata hit a few HC firelands Bosses think we were 3 bosses hc which i was quite proud of with our merry band, & managed to get a mage through the Staff Quest despite crap 10 rng :P cleared all DS getting up to warmaster HC when my job began eating into my play time. mop i stood down as RL and tank due to other commitments and by the end of Mogoshan vaults i had pretty much stopped raiding altogether.

Please provide us with your armory link and/or a warcraft log link ... x/advanced

Any logs i would provide would be useless and far out of date by now : )

We use Discord for voice communication during raiding. It is mandatory that you have it installed and running correctly if you wish to raid with us. Will this be any problem:

not at all, although i may be incomprehensible on comms. (I'm Scottish : P )

Previous guild(s): The Imperium
Reason for quitting:

The Imperium is a great guild but most of the people I played with have stopped playing for me atm the guild seems well kinda empty, leaving not much other than nostalgia there for myself so looking for a fresh start in an active guild.

Describe your playstyle/goals in the game:

team player, current goals Level the alts to max, and honestly just have a good time messing around with some cool peeps and obviously collect as many drakes as possible.

What do you expect from joining Retired?

an active guild with some cool peeps and good banter : )

Why are you the right person for Retired ?

Well i do have Raid experience if you guys were ever short (and if i had the relevant gear req) i could help you guys out in a pinch if i was available. I am also an Alchemist/enchanter Could help peeps out with their enchanting/alchemy needs with crafting, that is if it isn't just cheaper to buy it on the AH XD also i bring the cookies !

Describe Yourself:
I Would like to say am that Feral Druid that always end up tanking : P I do work in retail doing Differing shift patterns so that's likely to limit my play time : ( but i am always up for a laugh and shenanigans : )

Other comments:

Not looking for a raid spot, but i mentioned to a friend who plays here, that i was gonna look for another guild and suggested that it might be worth a shot applying here : )

thanks for the consideration either-way folks
: )

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Re: Forrix Druid - Social Application

Post by Phaeton » 24 Jul 2016, 13:34

Hello Forrix, thank you for your application!

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.

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Re: Forrix Druid - Social Application

Post by Auri » 25 Jul 2016, 10:51

Forrix, you have been accepted for trial!

Please contact any of the officers online when you get a chance for an invite.
You only want me for my totems...