Accepted: Darthaegis - Deathknight


Accepted: Darthaegis - Deathknight

Post by DarthCadence » 06 Aug 2016, 00:29


Real Name:Chris

Your age:33

Character name: Darthaegis
Add the character name of your main character you want to apply with.

Character class: Death Knight
What class is it?

Main spec: Frost
What spec do you want to raid with? Don't mind

Off spec: Blood
What is your off spec? Do you like it and do you care if we ask you raid as the off spec?
The DK is a new character for me, if I get on with it I am happy to raid with it.
I can bring other chars and specs to the guild too f you are happy with that

Other characters:
What other characters do you have?
Darthnihilus - Warlock - 100
Shayanne - Mage - 100
Darthcypher paladin - 100
Darthandante - priest - 90
Darthzannah - druid - 100
Darthcarice - rogue - 100

Times and how often online:
Be honest please. Usually every night for a few hours.

Raid experience:
What have you killed and was it killed on the same character that you are applying with? Which difficulty level was your main focus.
Raided end game content from TBC. Never finished LK at level appropriate but did Deathwing on 10 man normal and Garrosh on HC. Have completed Hellfire citadel but in lfr due to time constraints and lack of a raiding guild. Been on a few characters, dps for end game content.
I also play horde and have included links.

Please provide us with your armory link and/or a warcraft log link ... lus/simple ... nne/simple ... lus/simple - Horde ... lus/simple - Horde

We use Discord for voice communication during raiding. It is mandatory that you have it installed and running correctly if you wish to raid with us. Will this be any problem:No

Previous guild(s):Knights of the Unicorn
Reason for quitting:
Be honest here. Being upfront will earn you cookies.
I am currently Guild leader but I don't have time to re-build the guild and recruit.The guild is very quiet and needs someone who can commit to the time needed. Would like a fresh start with new people and Retired is a respectable guild.

Describe your playstyle/goals in the game:
What kind of player are you? What do you prefer to do in game?
Love Warcraft Lore, I love playing through quests. I also enjoy raiding, be nice to raid properly again if given the opportunity with friendly players.

What do you expect from joining Retired?
Why did you apply to us? What do you think we can offer you?
I have played with people who have went on to join Retired years ago. They all went to Retired because it's respectable and mature. I would like to play in a community again.

Why are you the right person for Retired?
What can you contribute with?
I'm a team player, happy to contribute. No idea whether i'm any good but I am happy to be involved and willing to follow all instructions. Also happy to spend time boosting anyone if they need it.

Describe yourself:
A bit more about yourself, real-life, your interests and where are you from? In school or working?
Work at a design agency, doing IT support. Born and bred in the North East of England, I now live in the dirty south... Love watching movies but I also play instruments. I sometimes have gigs but usually know in advance
Every friday I go for lunch with peeps from work and have pie, chips and's the absolute mutts nuts!! Sweeney Todd's in Reading, the only decent Northern thing in the South :(

Other comments:
"if he dies... he dies" Ivan Drago

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Re: Application for Darthaegis

Post by Phaeton » 06 Aug 2016, 12:24

Hello Darthaegis, thank you for your application!

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.

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Re: Accepted: Darthaegis - Deathknight

Post by Phaeton » 08 Aug 2016, 18:49

Darthaegis, you have been accepted for trial!

Please contact any of the officers online when you get a chance for an invite.