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Post by Phaeton » 19 Dec 2016, 17:39

I think everyone was surprised when Blizzard announced a "new" raid out of nothing that was going to conclude the stormheim questline. In came the Trial of Valor where we fight Havi...oh sorry Odyn, Guarm and Helya. After having worked efficiently through the emerald nightmare the trial of valor proved another story. Someone at Blizz HQ apparently had tripped over the tuning knob and turned it to eleven!1 Heroic ToV especially at release day proved too much of a chunk to bite combined with the poor item level of loot it dropped it didn't feel like worthwhile time investment. Onto normal it was where we quickly made work off Odyn and slew Guarm without much trouble either. Helya proved to be more challenging but that's a story for another day...touchy.....touchy. The Odyn fight borrows quite some mechanics from the dungeon fight and adds some new things while dragging out over 10min+ making it a real long fight. Divided into 3 phases Odyn tests our capabilities in combat to determine whether we have what it takes to face Helya his arch lover nemesis. Phase one makes you fight Hyrja and Hymdall to get familiar with their abilities. Hymdall blows his horn forces you to be 5 yards spread while Hyrja shines her lantern and forces you to group up and the dmg is split on targets hit. Aside from these 2 champions we regularly deal with adds who if you want to kill them need to stand on their corresponding runes. We have lovely shapes and colours like icecream cone Green, Purple K and Yellow F

Phase 2 shifts the fight in overdrive as many spears land that automatically shatter causing a wave of unavoidable raid wide damage that is relentless once it starts. Sphere join the fight and need to be dodged 24/7 adds still need to be chaperoned to their corresponding rune and last but not least Odyn keeps inviting Hyrja and Hymdall to rejoin him time and time again. Phase 2 has caused many of us headaches and perhaps the will to live but in the end we did manage to get better at although the fight does still currently punish you severely if you make a personal error. Every now and then we managed to reach phase 3 and we had the 6, 4 or 8% wipes which was frustrating enough as we had proven we were capable of overcoming the fight. After a promising start we had a string of questionable attempts but suddenly the stars realligned and before we knew it we were sub 15% only 5 to go. People falling over left and right but still a couple alive MORE DEEPS MORE DOTS everything even the kitchen sink and BOOM 10% Odyn became friendly again; gave us a pat on the head and presented us a chest. Well done everyone working hard on getting him down and persisting on him especially now that we did it pre-nerfed state.


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