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Accepted: Varia Blood/Unholy DK

Posted: 10 Apr 2019, 20:53
by Varia

Real Name: Isak

Your age: 25

Character name:

Character class:
Death Knight

Main spec:
Blood but Unholy is quite fine as well.

Off spec:
I can definitely play Unholy as tank spots are usually always filled, after all you always need more dps than tanks. I can fill the role needed. (Even have a shadow priest if needed)

Other characters:
Pretty much every class above 105. I did speed level this to raid when I got lured in by Sazerni to maybe raid again. So depending on needs I can relatively quickly get a Assassination Rogue 107, Balance Druid 110, Paladin 104, Mage (Every spec, no favourite) 120 and of course Shadow Priest at 120.

Times and how often online:
Recently came back so right now i play a lot. As long as I'm having fun I can be online pretty much any day any time. Don't have work at the moment so have no real schedule. Almost always have the blizzard app on so i am reachable at any time.

Raid experience:
I started raiding in Kara back in BC and raided all throughout Wrath which was a great experience. Took a break in Cata and raided again in Mist, a little in WoD and raid led a group in the first half of Legion. Character wise it has been different each expansion but I usually stick to one or two per expansion. ... fire/varia

We use Discord for voice communication during raiding. It is mandatory that you have it installed and running correctly if you wish to raid with us. Will this be any problem: Definitely not.

Previous guild(s): Honestly don't remember, I led raids but never handled recruiting so I never really thought about the name. I think it was Federation of Champions.
Reason for quitting: Burned out by playing every day from the start of the expansion and also depression. Am trying to take care of myself and not put as many hours into this these days as not to burn out. I also didn't agree with one of the people in my last raid group, he wanted to raid lead but i was appointed raid leader, problem was he and some of the players were a IRL friend group so it caused trouble but no real drama, just an additional reason to not stick with the game, I didn't give up on the guild as much as I gave up on the game at the time.

Describe your playstyle/goals in the game:
Social interactions and fun are my primary goals and succeeding is a close second. I have always found that if you enjoy the people around you success comes around more often and being able to laugh at mistakes is always better than anger and mistrust or pointing fingers, constructive criticism is the name of the game for improvement. I always try to do my best but i want to have fun doing it.

What do you expect from joining Retired?
Raiding, fun, maybe some banter.

Why did you apply to us? What do you think we can offer you?
From what i have heard from Sazerni (Anton) pretty much what I'm expecting i hope.

Why are you the right person for Retired?
What can you contribute with?
I enjoy doing what I'm supposed to, being social, play games the best way i can. Best proof of this is as i previously wrote, I can go ahead and level any other of my classes if you specifically need that to fill a spot, just don't expect it to be geared in an afternoon. Sazerni promised me to run some mythics and such so we are in the middle of starting out the gearing process for my DK if nothing else happens.

Describe yourself:
I am a down to earth guy who enjoy my games, been playing wow since i was 12 and even if i take breaks from it there is something i just can't get away from for too long. Been friends with Sazerni (Anton) since we were 11 so we go way back playing wow together in every expansion to some degree. Right now i am on sick leave and probably will stay that way for at least a year in the future so nothing major happening there. I have peviously worked at daycare so if I get back to work I might get back to a 8-17 kind of schedule.

Other comments: Hope to hear back from you all soon, fingers crossed.

Re: Varia Blood/Unholy DK

Posted: 11 Apr 2019, 09:36
by Phaeton
Hello Varia, thank you for your application!

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.

Re: Accepted: Varia Blood/Unholy DK

Posted: 12 Apr 2019, 21:06
by Phaeton
Varia, you have been accepted for trial!

Please contact any of the officers online when you get a chance for an invite.