Accepted: Syrkxion and Luan

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Accepted: Syrkxion and Luan

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Real Name: James and Lauren

Your age: 24 and 23

Character name: Syrkxion and Luan or Larnea (deciding, maybe both)
Add the character name of your main character you want to apply with.

Character class: Paladin and Warlock/Mage
What class is it?

Main spec: Retribution, Affliction and Frost
What spec do you want to raid with?

Off spec: Prot but never raided with it. N/A
What is your off spec? Do you like it and do you care if we ask you raid as the off spec?

Other characters: Many but am a completionist with Syrkxion - Lauren has a couple.
What other characters do you have?

Times and how often online: Daily after 5/6pm for a short while but depends on the mood. Lauren is on more of a break but still plays.
Be honest please.

Raid experience:

I have raided on this Character since WoTLK, and started playing WoW during wrath when I was younger. I played previously on my brother’s account from mid-end of TBC but this wasn’t end-game content as I was fairly young.

I raided some Cataclysm raids, all MoP (including Heroic Garrosh on all difficulties at Heroic)

I completed all Draenor raids at max difficulty except for full mythic BRH (can’t recall how many bosses we downed, I believe it was a couple) and HFC Mythic (3 bosses).

EN Mythic - 3/7
ToC HC - 3/3
NH Mythic - 7/10 with Augur to 5%
ToS Mythic - 9/9 Cutting Edge
Antorus Mythic - 11/11 Cutting Edge
BoD Normal - 9/9 (Random pugging)
BoD HC - 5/9 (Random pugging)

Has played since WoD but has also played and raided in many other MMO’s. Always plays for the team and is quick at learning and improving.

EN Mythic - 3/7
ToC HC - 3/3
NH Mythic - 7/10 with Augur to 5%
ToS Mythic - 9/9 Cutting Edge
Antorus Mythic - 11/11 Cutting Edge
BoD Normal - 7/9 (Random pugging)
What have you killed and was it killed on the same character that you are applying with? Which difficulty level was your main focus

Please provide us with your armory link and/or a warcraft log link

Syrkxion: Unavailable armoury link due to realm change. ... fficulty=4

Luan: ... cale/luani ... cale/luani

Larnea: ... ale/larnea ... ale/larnea

We use Discord for voice communication during raiding. It is mandatory that you have it installed and running correctly if you wish to raid with us. Will this be any problem: No

Previous guild(s): That are relevant to raiding etc.

F A D E split up of leadership
SPACESHIP split up of leadership as they didn't want to raid anymore.
Veritas - Good guild but mainly Swedish and went on a break
Titan's Inn - Looked at logs and kicked majority of their raid despite the fact that the issues were inherently tactic based - they disbanded shortly after due to lack of player base.
Runic - Cleared a few cutting edges - split up during Uldir as leadership no longer wanted to lead.

Describe your playstyle/goals in the game:
What kind of player are you? What do you prefer to do in game?

Collect everything, enjoy the game, meet good people and to have fun.
Cover everything in game really - no specific focuses.
Min/Max my character regardless of situation and play to the best of our abilities.

What do you expect from joining Retired?
Why did you apply to us? What do you think we can offer you?

A home with a strong background and connection to the game. Friendship, fun, memories and just a good environment.

Why are you the right person for Retired?
What can you contribute with?

I have a lot of experience and understanding of the game - which is bolstered by experience of many other games as well. Get on well with everyone usually and are good team players.

Describe yourself:
A bit more about yourself, real-life, your interests and where are you from? In school or working?

Other comments: N/A

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Re: Syrkxion and Luan: Application

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Hi Syrxion and Luan, thanks for filling this out.
Cya on the other side!
You only want me for my totems...

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Re: Syrkxion and Luan: Application

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Thanks :)

I am now on Arathor and Lauren will transfer tomorrow I think