Declined: Dévidzonn and Gregsy - Arms Warrior, DLock: Application

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Declined: Dévidzonn and Gregsy - Arms Warrior, DLock: Application

Post by Charssy »

Real Name:
David, Gregory

Your age:
Gregory - 16
David - 16

Character name:
David - Dévidzonn
Gregory - Gregsy

Character class:
What class is it?
David - Warrior
Gregory - Warlock

Main spec:
We would wish to raid we these specs.
David - Arms
Gregory - Destruction

Off spec:
David- Fury warrior, Disc priest, Enhancement Shaman. I do like all of them although in BFA I really Enjoy playing my warrior and I wish to main it. I would not mind if I were asked to change my spec. I know they are not Specs but they are also possibilities I could use for raid.
Gregory - Affliction - I could play affliction although I really wish not to since I do not enjoy it as much as Destruction. I could change if it's necessary.

Other characters:
David - Arms Warrior, Discipline Priest, Enhancement Shaman, Frost Mage, Havoc Demon Hunter, Retribution Paladin.
Gregory - He loves Warlock

Times and how often online:
David - In summer weekdays I will do a summer job so in the weekdays I will not be as active, but I will usually be up around 5 pm until 11 -12 pm. On the weekends I will be available from 9 am - 11 -12 pm if I have nothing to do. (CEST)
In school time on weekdays from 5 pm until 10-11pm, on the weekends 9 am - 11-12pm If I have nothing to do. (CEST)
Gregory - On weekdays I am available from 4 pm - 12 pm on weekends from 3 pm - 12 pm.

Raid experience:
David - since I just levelled up a warrior after I came back after leaving wow for quite a while I do not have such large progress in raids. On my Warrior 7/9 BoD Normal, 0/9 HC. But in the past Legion, I used to raid with my Mage Emerald Nightmare with my guild 7/7 Normal 7/7 HC, as well as Antorus on my Horde druid 11/11 Normal 6/11 HC. Before In Warlords of Draenor, I raided HFC with my retribution Paladin 8/13 Normal.

Gregory - I started playing Original WoW for like 2 months, on BoD I have 9/9 Normal, 4/9HC. Although played a lot on Broken Servers such as Wrath and I have done ICC 11/11 Normal 25. I played a lot in Broken Wrath and that's why I came here to try Real WoW. Also In Custom BoD, I have done some raid leading in Normal and we cleared the whole raid.
armory link
Dévidzonn - ... %A9vidzonn

Gregsy - ... hor/gregsy

We use Discord for voice communication during raiding. It is mandatory that you have it installed and running correctly if you wish to raid with us. Will this be any problem:

No, of course not. We use Discord on a daily basis to communicate with each other.
David - Charssy#1417
Gregory - Gregsy#0951

Previous guild(s):
Gregory - I have not been in on Original WoW and I have been using Premade groups for raids so far, so I want to step it up a notch since it is annoying to do Heroics with randoms
David - The Death Tribe( beginning of BFA)
Harmony ( Legion)
Murlocs Legion (Legion)
Reason for quitting:
David - I left both of these guilds since I went away for a month or two and when I came back the guild fell apart and it was no longer a guild that does progress, it has become more of a social guild. Or when I was in a guild with all my friends and we did it all and we all left at the end the guild was just basically a haunted guild.

describe your playstyle/goals in the game:
David - I like to progress in WoW a lot and try to do all HC bosses, I have never done Mythics since it just felt to annoying for me but if there is a right team I think I would be able to do so. I also like to farm legacy's and enjoy the small things in wow
Gregory - I like to play games with my full attention and focus and try my best every time I play, I am a kind of tryhard person, although this makes me a bit hot-headed.

What do you expect from joining Retired?
We both want to join since progressing in custom groups is extremely hard since everyone just leaves after one wipe, and also it is really hard to go further than HC in Custom groups. We also expect to find friends in the raid and to be able to enjoy playing an MMO with people who we can joke around it and have fun while also progressing.

Why are you the right person for Retired?
We are very social and active and we enjoy griding in WoW to achieve higher Item level and to progress. We believe we could help the guild by being friendly in the guild, and being people who are usually online and would anytime join a Mythic plus or help anyone gear up or so. We really enjoy playing WoW and so we like to enjoy it with others.

Describe yourself:
We both are Hungarians living in the Czech Republic. We currently attending at an International school where we met each other. Our hobbies are playing on the computer with many different games but we found our love in WoW, but we also enjoy going out and having some fun with our classmates, and we also go several times to the gym. We both have pretty good English skills since we have to speak it every day. We do not speak a bit of Czech although we both learned it for more than 3 years. Mainly we are normal chill guys who enjoy playing WoW a lot and would like to play it with a larger group rather than just us 2.

Other comments:
I Believe we described everything above and if there are any questions feel free to contact us, we really hope we will get into the guild and can enjoy some raids and Mythic pluses together :)

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Re: Dévidzonn and Gregsy - Arms Warrior, DLock: Application

Post by Phaeton »

Hello Dévidzonn & Gregsy, thank you for your applications!

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.

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Re: Dévidzonn and Gregsy - Arms Warrior, DLock: Application

Post by Phaeton »

Dévidzonn & Gregsy, thank you for showing an interest in Retired.
However we are declining your applications.

Good luck with the rest of your travels around Azeroth.