Withdrawn: Pancakes - Fury Warrior

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Withdrawn: Pancakes - Fury Warrior

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Real Name: Dominic

Your age: 24

Character name: Pancakes in BNet, Saltypancake on WoW

Character class: Warrior

Main spec: Fury

Off spec: Protection; Arms for PvP
I like playing a tank, although I still need to learn a bit more on the tank front to be able to properly tank a HC raid or higher M+ keys. Switching specs is not a problem for me.

Other characters: Havoc DH at iLvl 450, Mage at 110 which I'm looking to level up throughout the next few weeks, Druid and Hunter on lower levels

Times and how often online: I'm online most of the day throughout weekdays, weekends are a bit more spotty and is generally a time in which I play less.

Raid experience: Due to me being very new to WoW as a whole, I can't provide a lot of experience, unfortunately. I'm very dedicated to learn and get better to make up for it, though. Currently, I'm sitting at 11/12N and 5/12HC Ny'alotha.

Please provide us with your armory link and/or a warcraft log link
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... ltypancake

We use Discord for voice communication during raiding. It is mandatory that you have it installed and running correctly if you wish to raid with us. Will this be any problem:
Not at all. I'm using Discord, as well as TeamSpeak on a daily basis and am more than comfortable with using voice communication.

Previous guild(s): Harmony
Reason for quitting: I joined this guild because I started out as a "Social", or casual player and it seemed like a great fit at the time. But with me wanting to get more into the endgame and wanting to progress on Raids, it just doesn't feel like I fit anymore because the guild is not doing any endgame activites on a regular basis which means I have to PUG most groups.

Describe your playstyle/goals in the game: I started out wanting to have a good time questing and having fun, but quickly noticed that challenging endgame activities such as HC Raids and M+ are the most fun things to do for me in the game. Thus, I mostly join PUGs for Raids or M+ keys when playing the game, which more often than not isn't the greatest experience.
I'm a very dedicated player and I'm always looking to improve on my performance.

What do you expect from joining Retired? I hope to join a guild which is more in line with what I'm looking for in the game, has members that enjoy doing the same activities as I do and with which I can improve upon myself and learn to get better.

Why are you the right person for Retired? I'm very dedicated and reliable. I'm not prone to raging or blaming others and I always keep a good mood, no matter the situation. Plus, I'm quite critical about my own play and I'm more than open to receive constructive criticism in order to improve upon myself.

Describe yourself:
So, first of all, I just started out playing WoW around three months ago. I know I'm very late to the party, which is why I may not know certain things about the game people take for granted and I had to learn a lot during these last few months, but I enjoyed the experience a lot and I still do. I am quite a competitive person, especially in gaming, and thus enjoy the most challenging aspects of the game the most.

Aside from gaming, I love doing sports - especially kickboxing - and making music. I can play around on my guitar for hours on end and it's a great way to get my mind off of things after a long day at the office or to just let off some steam. Oh, and I'm from Switzerland.

Other comments:
I know that being a newer player puts me at kind of a disadvantage in comparison to all the seasoned veterans out there and that I might have still a bit of learning to do. I'm very dedicated and looking forward to what I could accomplish with a good guild, though.

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Re: Pancakes - Fury Warrior Application

Post by Phaeton »

Hi Pancakes, thank you for your application.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.