Declined: Leyak - Demon Hunter

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Declined: Leyak - Demon Hunter

Post by Leyak »

Real Name: Tom Robinson

Your age: 30

Character name: leyak
Add the character name of your main character you want to apply with.

Character class: demon hunter
What class is it?

Main spec: havoc
What spec do you want to raid with?

Off spec: vengeance (if you want to watch me be thrown around a room)
What is your off spec? Do you like it and do you care if we ask you raid as the off spec?

Other characters: mage level 41 reti pally 50
What other characters do you have?

Times and how often online:
Be honest please. Most days 7.30- 11. Daytimes as well if I'm off work

Raid experience:
I raided back in the days from TBC to wotlk did all up to 25man heroic on my mage

Please provide us with your armory link and/or a warcraft log link ... fire/leyak

We use Discord for voice communication during raiding. It is mandatory that you have it installed and running correctly if you wish to raid with us. Will this be any problem: no problem have it installed

Previous guild(s):
Reason for quitting:
Be honest here. Being upfront will earn you cookies.
Been in social guilds for awhile actually played shadowlands and enjoyed it I left my last proper guild chaos unleashed back in the day for family reasons

Describe your playstyle/goals in the game:
What kind of player are you? What do you prefer to do in apply aggressive play style of a older raider i understand movement and kiting on bosses while pushing myself

What do you expect from joining Retired? Great atmosphere and a chance to get back in raiding
Why did you apply to us? What do you think we can offer you? i saw your post on the forums been looking at guilds lately and you guys stood out as a actual guild that can achieve stuff through raiding but have a laugh as well

Why are you the right person for Retired?
What can you contribute with? old school plays on bosses. And able to help with old achievements

Describe yourself:
A bit more about yourself, real-life, your interests and where are you from? In school or working? I'm from the UK got back into wow due to lockdown and actually enjoyed it and kept playing even though in back at work. I run a YouTube warhammer channel as well so like to try and film when I have time

Other comments: look forward to hearing from you

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Re: Leyak demon hunter

Post by Auri »

Hi Leyak, thank you for your application.

We will get back to you as soon as we have reached a decision.
You only want me for my totems...

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Re: Declined: Leyak demon hunter

Post by Phaeton »

Leyak, thank you for showing an interest in Retired.
However we are declining your application.

Good luck with the rest of your travels around Azeroth